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Splatter could be missing from this list, and who else to represent the category but the master of gore?“Helldriver” is another preposterous splatter film by Yoshihiro Nishimura, this time engaging with zombies.The film entailed a wonderful cast, including Shota Sometani, Eri Fukatsu, Tadanobu Asano and Jun Kunimura.

In particular, in the first aspect, the depiction of the many heroes of the original, is one of the film’s biggest assets, with Takeru Satoh being the Kenshin every fan of the franchise wanted to see.

Probably the lesser-known category of Asian cinema, since, for a long time, not many of them were released outside the borders of the country.

Along with his newfound comrades, he fights against Makoto Shishio and his gang, who want to overthrow the government and plunge Japan into chaos.

Keishi Ohtomo managed to retain almost every aspect of the Kyoto-arc of the original, including the characters, the romance, and the magnificent battles.

This tendency has led to a lack of original movies and the shrinking of the independent industry.

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