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They are also cited as being necessary to ‘appease wandering spirits’ – and herein lies the contradiction, given that the affront caused to moral and religious sensibilities formed the basis of a police crackdown on the custom in 2015.Dancing at funerals is a ritual that has been evidenced around the world in cultures in South Africa, Ghana and Madagascar. Browse through our materials-clear free adult video chat, mature adults dating, hermaphrodite sex dating, wbr adult dating services-and find some really beautiful broads that will definitely pump up your party!

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They are primarily associated with the working class or poorer communities.’ Moskowitz’s film captures young women dressed in skimpy bikinis, bum-skimming skirts and sky-high heels gyrating alongside caskets and atop Electric Flower Cars, which are now an industry in their own right.

These vehicles are ‘mobile stages that carry performers who sing, dance, bump, and grind as they accompany the dead during the last rites and in procession to the graveyard’.

and what better way to do this than with strippers?

It may seem a little out there to our Western sensibilities, but inviting women to take their clothes off at funerals is a popular trend in Taiwan.

As a former council speaker in Chiayi City, Taiwan, the deceased was a popular elected official – he died from an unspecified illness in December 2016, aged 76, and his funeral cortege brought traffic to a standstill.

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