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If they're not farmers silently plowing through, then what are they?Don't say it's a game, every one of those individuals didn't have it come easy, they need an award for some encouragement." The last time [FACE] had an interview with Him was two years ago after Your Class or Mines and Suspects in Love.

The 28 year old expressed we must not believe in the traditional belief that a 'man inferior to a woman' relationship won't ever work out.

Him said: "In this industry, we are forced to grow up. I'm trying hard to make progress and when I think the time is right, I will still do a marriage proposal.

Later in court, there was a photo of them together. 3 months ago, Him and rumored girlfriend Tavia Yeung were accused of having 'car sex', but should we believe the photo that made big headlines of Tavia's face in between Him's thighs or what the couple claimed they were doing, "vomiting from all the drinking"?

Him debuted 8 years ago, but from all the gossips he's experienced within the past two years, each time it is you're saying something and he's saying something else; you believe in one story, he believes in another, bottom line is Him learned that you cannot defend yourself no matter how much you explain.

He learned that men should just believe themselves.

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