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And we broke the gunfight into about 25 different experiences and treated each moment like it was its own mini-movie and we had pre-production meetings on each sequence. People you trust, people you’ve been in it through good times and bad times. When you go through rough times and come out of it with that connection, that’s real friendship. There’s been talk here and there about a “Friday Night Lights” movie. I think all of them as actors want to be able break free of that stereotype and that persona. I did direct The Rock in a Super Bowl commercial for milk last year, which was fun, and I’m going to direct him in an HBO show called “Ballers” in January. But with “Hercules,” I’m just an executive producer.

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It was a huge part of this story—it was a very intense and complicated fight they got into. Were there any ideas that you took from “Dune” and put into “Battleship? Are there any of them who you are now dying to work with a gain?

Because we had a limited budget we knew we had to be pretty organized and our approach to filming that action—we knew we would be up a mountain and the altitude would pose problems [and] the terrain was rough. When you make movies, it’s good to have your friends with you. Whenever anybody asks, we always point to Kyle Chandler and say he won’t do it. But he was the first one to say that we ended it really well and I agree. After doing something like “Lone Survivor,” I’m looking for any kind of material that I’m as passionate about as “Lone Survivor.” Whatever type of film that affords me that connection is good.

33, Tim Riggins, would (sadly) never make an appearance anyway.

In the same week, actor Taylor Kitsch admitted that he would never want to reprise his role as Riggins in a movie reunion. No, period," Kitsch, 32, told while promoting his new film Lone Survivor.

Why do you think it was so difficult to get it off the ground?

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