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Well, I guess there needs to be duds in a series in order for the majority to be great, especially in such a long-running show, and I'm looking forward to the next episode. That said there is one small thing that I would like to point out regarding this that may put your minds at ease... Everything before the montage of Homers dying took place in present day Simpsons universe cannon.1/5 Tied with The Boys of Bummer as my least favorite episode ever. In the montage we clearly see the rest of the characters age but there was no indication that everything before the montage was in the future meaning it was just present day. In the next episode technically we will be seeing the new Homer clone as this episode was never considered non cannon the same as the previous Future episode.I just assumed Zia uploaded her consciousness into the Ultranet and wasn't able to return to her physical body any more.

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It was wacky and unjointed but at least it contained a decent amount of jokes and a bunch of energy which is a lot of peoples main gripes about the HD era.

They might have well have just done a full non canon episode about Homer doing a normal plot but with him dying throughout and getting replaced with clones, like that could have had potential I think.

Milhouse being one of the biggest underdogs in the show, it was always nice to see things "Coming up Milhouse" as he would say.

So it's really fucking depressing to see the end of the line for him being such a horrendously awful fate.

I expected him to look like something along the lines of that guy or a Decapodian (Dr.

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