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Once she graduated from Parkland in 1996, Conlin set her sights on NYU."I was so lucky because my parents said yes," recalls the actress. They said, 'let's do it.' We couldn't afford NYU so we all worked together to make it happen. With 0 and two lawn chairs to her name, Conlin headed West.I had scholarships and I worked while I was going to school."Conlin was still waiting tables in New York when she noticed that all of her actor friends who'd migrated to L. She'd barely settled in when she landed a role on the series "The MDs" with John Hannah and William Fichtner."I thought, 'I've made it.' I paid off my car and I paid off my debt.

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She is a self-described show-off who was always trying to attract the attention of her family members, including her mom, who works at Lehigh Valley Style magazine; dad Fran, who is a manufacturer's rep for a plumbing and heating supply company; and older sister Heather, who lives in Florida."My older sister says I was always going, 'watch me, watch me, watch me'" says Conlin with a laugh. ' I'm sure I drove her crazy."An elementary school appearance in "The Gingerbread Man" made the five-year-old Conlin crave more stage time so she auditioned for a part in a Muhlenberg College production of "The King and I.""After I got that role, that was it," says Conlin, who earned $100 for her stint in the show.

"There was nothing else I wanted to do."Conlin credits two instructors — Chuck Tannery at Springhouse Junior High and Nancy Carthew at Parkland High School — with giving her much-needed encouragement."As I get older, I think, 'wow, they were so helpful.' They cast me and they believed in me."Through the years, Conlin performed on nearly every single Lehigh Valley stage, from Munopco to Civic Theatre of Allentown to Touchstone Theatre in Bethlehem.

"It blows my mind."At the moment, the actress is filming the 200th episode, which, like the flashback-heavy 100th episode, promises to be a memorable one. Sometimes I'll get a script and I'll go, 'Oh my God, Angela, you don't have to say that.' But she says what she thinks. But I also think, in many ways, she's [a stand-in] for the audience because she's not a scientist and there is so much scientific banter thrown around on the show.

It's also an installment that is shrouded in secrecy. A sweepstakes is underway to win a trip for two to the set to celebrate the 200th episode with the cast. She always comes in and says, 'What are you talking about? 'I love that about her."When the show wrapped up its ninth season, FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) was arrested for the murders of three Delta Force henchmen who were involved in a government conspiracy.

I never used to get homesick when I first moved to L. The good thing is we're such a close family that [my parents] are always coming out to L.

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