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Anti Date Both the American app Siren and new UK app Anti Date offer an ‘asymmetrical’ experience, where men and women see the app in different ways.

‘It’s a very different experience for the guys and the girls,’ says Anti Date co-founder Hatty Kingsley-Miller.

If a girl contacts a guy, then the guy will see that girl’s profile.’ Interestingly, rather than putting men off, Anti Date initially attracted more men than women.

Modelled on Serendipity, this new app is designed to help Londoners seize those opportunities to chat to people, which we normally do our best to avoid. No more searching the paper for your Rush Hour Crush. Antidate An antidote to the pitfalls of online dating, Antidate (see what they did there) launched on Christmas Eve.

The Spark will only deliver once you’re no longer around, and then the receiver has just 24 hours to get in contact before the Spark disappears. It works over Bluetooth, so you can use it on the tube.

Finally, girls choose positive and negative hashtags – which could include #Porn Educated, #Boring, #Still Loves His Ex, #Does His Own Laundry or #Panty Dropper.

Despite very mixed responses to their service, Lulu explain that men have to sign up in order to feature on the site, and that women are not able to write free-text comments.

's new global dating pollclears up this and many other questions.

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