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The information in your credit report is also used when bureaus and lenders calculate your credit score.

Your three-digit credit score is essentially a snapshot of your potential credit risk and can be a good way to monitor overall credit health.

The only way to receive all of your FICO scores, including the industry-specific scores and variations for each credit bureau, is to purchase them directly from FICO through my

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Called your consumer credit report, or credit history, the information collected by the credit bureaus is the basis of your personal credit.

Your credit report is used by a variety of important decision-makers in your life, including many potential employers, landlords, and lenders.

Your credit is a vital part of your personal financial life and you should definitely check it regularly — but nothing free should ever require you to enter payment information.

You should always consider it a red flag when a company advertising a free product requires you to give your credit card number.

In response, the major bureaus created Annual Credit, where individuals can go to request their free annual credit reports from each bureau.

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