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Issue 7: The AEGIS module may trigger some processes to close unexpectedly.

Solution 7: [Hotfix: 3326] This hotfix updates the Behavior Monitoring Service module 2.974.1104 to ensure that the AEGIS module no longer triggers processes to close unexpectedly.

Solution 4: [Hotfix: 3290] This hotfix ensures that the Worry-Free Business Security Server management console displays the "Edit settings" quick link correctly.

The agent has not been registered to its parent server.

The product license may or may not have been activated.

Solution 1: [Hotfix: 3150] This hotfix ensures that the Messaging Security Agent can successfully register to the Worry-Free Business Security 9.0 Service Pack 2 Security Server.

Issue 2: Users may encounter ransomware because of recent widespread attacks.

Increased Behavior Monitoring Protection Worry-Free Business Security now enables the following behavior monitoring features by default: SHA-2 Support Worry-Free Business Security now supports certificates signed with SHA-2.

Last modified 17-Jun-2016 17:09