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For instance, my parents were both blond: my sister and I are browneyed redheads.It also means red hair is unlikely to die out, even though only 2% of the global population has red hair - except in Scotland, where 16% are ginger. She married a man with like my color auburn, his beard and mustache were red though. My older brother with red hair married a woman from Korea with black hair, their daughter has auburn hair.

"It's good that the baby has been shifted to Dhaka. I don't have the money to even properly treat her mother," he said.

Otherwise, it would have been difficult for us to control the crowd." But Mr Mia, the baby's father, was concerned he would not be able to provide the support his daughter might need.

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Red-headed people marrying each other usually produce offspring so damn attractive, that the townsfolk become insanely jealous and drive the family out of town. I think an unspoken law was created to forbid such a thing from happening.

She carrys on the redhair through to the 5th generation, that I'm aware of. This is a subject that my youngest son (red-curly haired, blued eyed son) was just talking to me about the other day. and what a blessing what a wonderful blessing from god i can not speak about two redheads togetherbut i can say this , in my youth while wanderinga happy smiley asian country i met a redheadnot only was she a ginger but a resident of a town near loch ness . He was 'Red Irish' - red hair, white skin, blue eyes.

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