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“This is the year 2000, this is a new millennium, the voters voted to remove the law from the books but what’s interesting is the margin,” Steele said.“It only takes 50 percent to win, and 60 percent of the people voted to get rid of the law, but what’s interesting is that this is the year 2000 and 40 percent of the people voted to keep the law.” While couples in the South during the 21st century are still able to court and even get married, there are still some forms of discrimination that arise in modern day interracial relationships.

After that, there was a vote to keep the law on the books or remove it.

However, 40 percent of the citizens voted to keep this law.

Yep, that’s the 21st century.” Loving, the movie based on a true story about a couple imprisoned for being in an interracial relationship, will be in theaters on Friday, Nov.

Donald Trump gave his first commencement address at Liberty University on Saturday.

It is not a substitute for personal medical advice from a medical professional.

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