Updating beers criteria

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With that in mind, in this commentary we discuss some of the history of the Beers criteria as well as briefly describe the process of updating the criteria, highlighting some of the key changes made.

Then, we compare and contrast the new criteria with the STOPP criteria from Europe.

Similarly, with the support of the European Union Geriatric Medicine Society (EUGMS) an updated version of the STOPP criteria in addition to the START [Screening Tool to Alert doctors to Right Treatment] criteria will be validated and published later this year (personal communication with Dr. Future research will be needed to assess the psychometric/clinimetric properties of both the new AGS Beers criteria and the EUGMS STOPP criteria.

This should include studies of inter- and intra-rater reliability of these measures along with their predictive validity with adverse drug events.

These two individuals and nine others, including one of the authors of this commentary (JTH), served as the members of a multidisciplinary expert panel (two nurses, four physicians, five pharmacists) who completed a two-stage Delphi survey and participated in live and teleconferenced meetings in order to reach consensus.

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