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Didn't the X1650 require Vista drivers (or an early Win7 version)? It just won't be the major improvement you're expecting.The HD 5670 is about on par (wins some, and loses some) with the X1950 Pro, which is close to twice as fast as the X1650.and the biggest problem is,if i play games,the screen will blink every time i do a click. when system tries to start for the first time i get a black screen with lines of different colors and it just stays like that for like 5sec and than...

updating drivers on my radeon x1650pro-7

For today's games with the HD 5670, depending on the game you're looking at a mix of low to medium settings, and if you're lucky a mix of medium and high.

Just don't expect to play something like Battlefield 3 at high settings.

), and to get 60 FPS i must play it at a resolution of 800x600... theres about 2 years difference between the 2 cards so by that alone would indicate improved performance as they are both on similar levels within there range.

i cant find too much details about the x1650, ati's site doesnt offer much any more. and we can work from there Computer type PC/Desktop System Manufacturer/Model Number Built by badgers!!!

To my surprise if found myself liking the experience (I was one to downgrade back to XP from Vista).

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