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Wait for a moment, and the Chameleon should picks up the DVD and display it in the menu as an option. It will load the installer and says “Preparing Installation …” (image 02).

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We need to partition the hard drive to install the OS.

You can skip these steps and press the “Continue” button if you already have it formatted.

In the Disk Utility on the left column select the hard drive. In the “Volume Scheme” pull-down menu choose the “1 Partition” option. In the “Format” field I chose the “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)” option.

Under the “Volume Information” area fill-in the “Name” field. Leave the “Size” field be as we’re going to use the whole space. Before you go any further we need to set the partition table type as GUID.

Click the “Continue” button and it will spawn the EULA.

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