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Last updated 16/August/2011 – (Many thanks to NDS-Gear for informing us about the 1.4.3 DSi update) Just a few weeks after the 1.4.2 update was released, Nintendo have released a follow-up update, simply called the 1.4.3 firmware update.

This update affects both the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL consoles.

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Graphics got a huge upgrade as well, bringing the Pokemon games into the modern age and brilliantly mixing 2D and 3D graphics.

Later, the remakes of the Game Boy Color games Pokemon Gold and Silver, titled Heart Gold and Soul Silver, were released, allowing gamers to relive some of their favorite games with improved graphics and features.

The dual screen design, with the lower screen being a touchscreen, lends itself well to the touchscreens of modern tablets and smartphones.

It’s truly a unique console that lives on for a good reason.

Further refining the handheld system, Nintendo released the DS Lite, which was essentially a slimmer and lighter form of the original DS with brighter screens.

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