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Resources/Tools Master Menu CF01 SAPMCFST Create Production Resource/Tool CF02 SAPMCFST Change Production Resource/Tool CF03 SAPMCFST Display Production Resources/Tools CF10 RCFCO110 PRT: Use of PRT master in CF11 RCFCO120 PRT: Use of material in prod. in netw CF20 RCFCO111 PRT: Use of PRT master in orders CF21 RCFCO121 PRT: Use of material in orders CF22 RCFCO131 PRT: Use of document in orders CF23 RCFCO141 PRT: Use of pc. in orders CF25 RIAUFK20 PRT: PRT Master Usage in PM Order CF26 RIAUFK20 PRT: Material Usage in PM Orders CF27 RIAUFK20 PRT: Document Usage in PM Orders CF28 RIAUFK20 PRT: Equipment Usage in PM Order CGAB SAPLC11E EHS: Edit Phrase Set - Char. into PS Cas CJFN RFFMS300 CBM Payment Converter CJF1 SAPMKFPR Create Transfer Price Agreement CJF2 SAPMKFPR Change Transfer Price Agreement CJF3 SAPMKFPR Display Transfer Price Agreement CJF4 RKFPP001 Transfer Price Agreement List CJG1 SAPMKFPR Enter Transfer Price Allocation CJG3 SAPMKFPR Display Transfer Price Allocation CJG4 RKFPI001 Enter Trsfr Price Allocation: List CJG5 SAPMKFPR Cancel Transfer Price Allocation CJH1 PS_SUMM_INHERITReconstruct Project Inheritance CJH2 PS_SUMM_PROTOCOProject Inheritance Log CJIA RKPEP010 Project Actual and Commt Paymt LIs CJIB RKPEP011 Project Plan Payment Line Items CJIC RKPEP012 Maintain Project Settlement LIs CJID RKPEP012 Display Project Settlement Line Itm CJIE RKPEP012 Projects: Retirement LI Settlement CJIF RKPEP015 Projects: Profitability Analysis LI CJIG RKAEP000 Display PS Cash Documents CJI1 RKPEP008 Project Budget Line Items CJI2 RCNEP002 Budget Line Items: Document Chain CJI3 RKPEP003 Project Actual Cost Line Items CJI4 RKPEP004 Project Plan Cost Line Items CJI5 RKPEP005 Project Commitment Line Items CJI8 RKPEP008 Project Budget Line Items CJI9 RKPEP009 Project Struct.

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: On the Top Menu, click Utilities - Find - Execute and the first 500 transaction will be display. - initial scree BD91 RBDSECHR Send Characteristic BD92 RBDSECLS Send Class BD93 RBDSECLF Send Classification BD97 RBDSDEST Assign RFC dest. Comp/Init: Ntwk; Acty; It CN26N RCN_CV02N_CALLSDisplay Mat. FNQ7 RFVDTAB1 Generate flow type FNQ8 RFVDMAU1 Automatic Clearing for Overpayments FNQ9 RFVDZAP0 Int. KF Planning Layout FOKFP RFVIPL01 Copy Cash Flow to Plan Version FOKG SAPMKES1 Change Stat. KF Planning Layout FOKIP SAPMKPT4 Copy Actual-Plan for Real Estate FOKN RFVIMPLN RE: Displ. Key Figs FOKO RFVICUP0 Check conditions/flow types FOKOBA RFVIKOBA Acct Determination for Cond. Levels (Analysis KEDVS SAPMKETRESTORAGMaintain Old Storage Summ. Data Transfer to CO-PA Plannin KE1Y RKEBPR01 Transfer of CO-PA Plan Data to FI-S KE11 RKEPLDIA Change plan data KE12 RKEPLDIA Display plan data KE13 KPP_FLEX_UPL Upload from Excel KE13N RKE_FLEX_UPL Upload from Excel KE13P RKP_FLEX_UPL_PRLog: Flexible Excel Upload KE14 SAPMKES1 Create Planning Layout KE15 SAPMKES1 Change Planning Layout KE16 SAPMKES1 Display Planning Layout KE17 SAPMKEFB Maintain Planning Authorization Obj KE18 SAPMKEFB Display planning authorization obj.

If want to display all the tcodes, make sure you remembered to change the Fields: Maximum no. To get a list of the SAP Table names and descriptions, browse table DD02T in ME00 - Purchasing Main Menu ME21 - Create Purchase Order ME22 - Change Purchase Order ME23 - Display Purchase Order MB00 - Goods Receipt Main Menu VA00 - Sales Main Menu VF00 - Billing Main Menu VL00 - Shipping (Outbound Delivery) Main Menu VL01 - Create Delivery VL01N - Create Outbound Delivery with Order Ref. VL02 - Change Outbound Delivery VL02N - Change Outbound Delivery VL03 - Display Outbound Delivery VL03N - Display Outbound Delivery Besides looking at the following complete long list of SAP TCodes, Tables and Reports, here I provide you another page specifically on some of the more commonly used SAP Functional Transaction Codes and Tables: AAVN RAVRSN00 Recalculate base insurable value ABAA SAPMA01B Unplanned depreciation ABAD SAPMF05A Asset Retire. ABNA SAPMA01B Post-capitalization ABNAN SAPLAMDP Post-Capitalization ABNC SAPMA01B Enter post-capitalization ABNE SAPMA01B Subsequent Revenue ABNK SAPMA01B Subsequent Costs ABNV SAPMSNUM Number range maint: FIAA-BELNR ABSO SAPMA01B Miscellaneous Transactions ABST RAABST01 Reconciliation Analysis FI-AA ABST2 RAABST02 Reconciliation Analysis FI-AA ABT1 SAPLAMDP_OLD Intercompany Asset Transfer ABT1N SAPLAMDP Intercompany Asset Transfer ABUB SAPLABUM Transfer between areas ABUMN SAPLAMDP Transfer within Company Code ABZE SAPMA01B Acquisition from in-house productio ABZK SAPMF05A Acquisition from purchase w. to Logical Systems BD98 RBDCONCH Consistency Check Workflow Connectn BERE RFOPFI00 Business Event Repository BERP RFOPFI01 Business Processes BERPC RFOPFI01 Business Processes BGMN MENUBGMN Warranty Processing BGM1 SAPLBG00 Create Master Warranty BGM2 SAPLBG00 Change Master Warranty BGM3 SAPLBG00 Display Master Warranty BGM6 SAPLBG00 Warranty Entry for Technical Object BG00 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: BGMK_NR BIBS SAPLEXAMPLE_ENTExamples of User Interface Design BIBU SAPMBIBU Test Transaction User Interface BIC RFBVBIC_0 Transfer Bank Data from BIC Databas BKDR SAPLKCD0 Maintain transfer rules BKDS BKD_START Sender Structure Maintenance BMBC RVBBINCO Batch Information Cockpit BMCC RVBCUOBJ Integrity Check for Batch Classif. Components (From DMS) CN27 SAPLCORU Collective confirm. adjustment run FNRA RFVDABG0 Other accruals/deferrals FNRB RFVDBEP0 Memo record update FNRC RFVDABG1 Accruals/deferrals reset FNRD RFVDAZE0 Display incoming payments FNRE RFVDSZE0 DO NOT USE: Reverse Incoming Payment FNRI RFVDABG7 Portfolio Analysis Discount/Premium FNRLZ RFVD_RLZ_LOAN Statement of Remaining Terms FNRS RFVDABG2 Reversal Accrual/Deferral FNR0 RFVDBJR2 Loans: Posting Journal FNR6 RFVDBST0 Insur.prtfolio trends - NEW FNR7 RFVDSLD0 Totals and Balance List FNR8 RFVDKAU1 Account Statement FNR9 RFVDDIS0 Planning List FNSA RFVDREV0 Foreign currency valuation FNSB RFVDSTDA Master data summary FNSL RFVDSALC Balance reconciliation list FNSTA RFVD_LC_LOANCHAProcessing Characteristics FNS1 SAPMSNUM Collateral number range FNT0 RFVDCH92 Loan correspondence (Switzerland) FNT1 RFVDWDV1 Autom. - Reminder Print RLR FOBK RFVIBKCP Copy real estate company codes FOBL RFVIMADC Rent Adj. KE19 RKEB0403 Reorganize Planning Layouts KE2B RKEAE015 Correction to Incoming Orders KE2C RKEAEDEL Delete records from error file KE2D RKEAEERR Display Error File KE2K SAPMKCIK CO-PA: Maintain Key Figures KE2T RKEPGEDI CO-PA: Assign IDoc Fields KE2U RKEPAEDI CO-PA: Display Segment Types EDIMAP KE21 SAPMKEI1 Create CO-PA line item KE21N SAPMKEI2 CO-PA Line Item Entry KE21S SAPMKEI2 CO-PA Valuation Simulation KE23 SAPMKEI1 Display CO-PA line item KE23N SAPMKEI2 CO-PA Line Item Display KE24 RKEB0601 Line Item Display - Actual Data KE25 RKEB0601 Line Item Display - Plan Data KE26 RKE_KE26 Repost Accounting Document KE27 RKEBPR01 Periodic valuation KE27S COPA_REVERSE_KEReversal of KE27 Delta Line Items KE28 RKEBPR01 Create top-down distribution KE29 RKEBPRAD Management KE3A RKDREOBE CO-PA: Reorganize reports data KE3B RKEBATCH Print and actualize reports KE3C RKDREOFO Reorganize Forms KE3D RKEB0404 Reorganize Line Item Layouts KE3E RKES0101 Maintain Global Variables KE3F SAPMKES1 Create line item layout KE3G SAPMKES1 Change Line Item Layout KE3H SAPMKES1 Display line item layout KE3I SAPMKCTR CO-PA: Transport tool KE3J SAPMKEFT Import KE3K RKEB0801 Maintain hierarchy KE3L RKDREPDV Split report KE3M RKDREOBE Overview of Reports KE3P RKDBATV3 Maintain Variant Groups KE3Q RKDBAT02 Maintain Variants KE3R RKDBATV4 Schedule Variant Group KE3S RKDBATV5 Define Variant Group KE3T RKDREOVG Reorganization of Variant Groups KE3X SAPMKKB5 Customize Application Tree KE3Y RKEB0701 Report selection KE3Z SAPMKCB9 Convert profitability report KE30 SAPMKCEE Execute profitability report KE31 SAPMKCEE Create profitability report KE32 SAPMKCEE Change Report KE33 SAPMKCEE Display Report KE34 SAPMKES1 Create form KE35 SAPMKES1 Change form KE36 SAPMKES1 Display form KE37 SAPMKEFB Maintain Report Authorization Objec KE38 SAPMKEFB Display report authorization object KE39 RKDREODA CO-PA: Reorganize report data KE4A SAPMV12A Change condition table KE4B SAPMV12A Display condition table KE4C SAPMV13A Copy Condition KE4F RKEAE005 Post Incoming Orders Subsequently KE4L SAPMV14A Pricing report KE4N SAPMV14A Change Pricing Report KE4O SAPMV14A Display Pricing Report KE4Q SAPMV14A Execute Pricing Report KE4S RKERV002 Post billing documents to CO-PA KE4SFI RKEFI005 CO-PA: Post Subsequently from FI KE4SMM RKEMM005 CO-PA: Post Material Documents Subs KE4ST RKERV002 Simulation billg docs transfer CO-P KE4S00 RKECADL1 CO-PA: Reversal of Line Items KE4T RKEAE009 Set Up Transfer of Incoming Orders KE4TS RKEAE011 Simulate Doc.

in CACS CACSMENUE Commission System: Main Menu CACS_A RKKBRPTR Access Report Tree CACS_B RKDBAT02 Maintain Batch Variants CACS_C SAPMKCIC Manage Comments for Commissions CACS_D RKDREPDV Distribute Report CACS_G RKE_CALL_VC_TKEComn Report Characteristics Groups CACS_H SAPMKXHI Maintain hierarchy CACS_J RKCHINOD Maintain Hierarchy Nodes CACS_K RKDMKCIK Maintain Key Figures CACS_M SAPMKCB9 Test Monitor Drilldown Commissions CACS_O RKCOBTR2 Transport Reports CACS_P RKCOBTR4 Transport Forms CACS_Q RKCOBTR3 Import Reports from Client 000 CACS_R RKCOBTR5 Import Forms from Client 000 CACS_S RKDSTRUC Display Structure CACS_T RKCTRTX1 Translation Tool - Drilldown CACS_U SAPMKCB9 Convert drilldown reports CACS_V RKES0101 Maintain Global Variable CACS_W SAPMKCC0 Maintain Currency Translation Type CACS_X RKDREOBE Reorganize Drilldown Reports CACS_Y RKDREODA Reorganize Report Data CACS_Z RKDREOFO Reorganize Forms CACS_0 SAPMKCEE Execute Report CACS_1 SAPMKCEE Create Report CACS_2 SAPMKCEE Change Report CACS_3 SAPMKCEE Display Report CACS_4 SAPMKES1 Create Form CACS_5 SAPMKES1 Change Form CACS_6 SAPMKES1 Display Form CACS_7 SAPMKEFB Maintain Authorization Obj. Presentat CAC0 MENUCAC0 Master recipe menu CAC2 SAPLBZFC Time Sheet: Field Selection CAC7 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: CATS CAC8 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: CATS_INTR CADE RCATSDEL CATS: Delete Transaction Data CADO CATSSHOW Time Sheet: Display Data CANM SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ROUTING_M CANR SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ROUTING_R CAOR CATSSHOW Display Report (Structure-Related) CAPP CATSSHOW CATS: Object-Related Approval CAPS RCATSC01 Approve Times: Master Data CATA RCATSTAL Transfer to Target Components CATC RCATSCMP Time Sheet: Time Leveling CATI MENUCATI CATS: Cross-Application Time CATM SAPLMLCT Selection From Time Recording CATP MENUCATP CATS: Cross-Application Time CATR RCATSRIF Reorganize Interface Tables CATS MENUCATS CATS: Cross-Application Time CATSWF RCATSB01 CATS Workflow CATSXC RCATSXT_START_CCustomizing: CATS for Service Prov.

CATSXT RCATSXT_START_TCATS for Service Providers CATW SAPLCATS_ITS Record Working Time CAT2 SAPLCATS Time Sheet: Maintain Times CAT3 SAPLCATS Time Sheet: Display Times CAT4 RCATSA01 CATS: Approve Data CAT5 RCATSTPS Data Transfer CATS - PM/CS CA00 MENUCA00 Routing Menu CA01 SAPLCPDI Create Routing CA02 SAPLCPDI Change Routing CA03 SAPLCPDI Display Routing CA10 SAPLC0VL Std. Set in Routings - Reporting CA95 SAPMC27V Replace reference operation set/reference rate routing CA95N CP_REF_TSK_MASSMass Change: Ref. CA96 SAPLCPSR Update material master CA97 SAPLCP13 Mass scheduling using material master CA97N RCPMAU03 Material Master Update - New CA98 RCPREDE2 Deletion of task lists Without archiving CA99 RCPREDE2 Deletion of task lists With archiving CBCMOD RCCBPC_0001 Maintain SCP model CBDE RMAFRUSY PDC records with system errors CBHR11 BUSSTART EHS-INT: Create External Person CBHR12 BUSSTART EHS-INT: Change External Person CBHR13 BUSSTART EHS-INT: Display External Person CBHR21 BUSSTART EHS-INT: Create Authority CBHR22 BUSSTART EHS-INT: Change Authority CBHR23 BUSSTART EHS-INT: Display Authority CBIHM2 SAPLCBIH_MP00 EHS: Edit Measurement Projects CBIHM3 SAPLCBIH_MP00 EHS: Display Measurement Projects CBIHT0 RCBIH_CALL_TRANEHS: RFC - PA20 HR Master Data CBIHT1 RCBIH_CALL_TRANEHS: RFC - CBHR11 External Person CBIHT2 RCBIH_CALL_TRANEHS: RFC - EHSBP11 Physician CBIHT3 RCBIH_CALL_TRANEHS: RFC - EHSBP31 Health Center CBIHT4 RCBIH_CALL_TRANEHS: RFC - PB20 Applicant Master CBIHT5 RCBIH_CALL_TRANEHS: RFC - CBHR21 Authority CBIHT6 RCBIH_CALL_TRANEHS: RFC - EHSBP41 Laboratory CBIHT7 RCBIH_CALL_TRANEHS: RFC - EHSBP51 External Company CBIH00 MENUCBIH00 Industrial Hygiene and Safety CBIH02 SAPLCBIH_WA00 EHS: Edit Work Area CBIH03 SAPLCBIH_WA00 EHS: Display Work Area CBIH12 SAPLCBIH_ER00 EHS: Edit Risk Assessment CBIH13 SAPLCBIH_ER00 EHS: Display Risk Assessment CBIH14 SAPLCBIH_ER10 EHS: Amount Overview CBIH42 SAPLCBIH_PT00 EHS: Edit Pattern CBIH43 SAPLCBIH_PT00 EHS: Display Pattern CBIH50 REHS_OBJ_STATUSEHS: Information on Permitted Statu CBIH51 RCBIH_QUESTCATAEHS: Call Question Catalog CBIH52 RCBIH_QUESTIONNEHS: Call General Questionnaire CBIH72 SAPLCBIH_FA00 EHS: Change Injury/Illness Log Entr CBIH73 SAPLCBIH_FA00 EHS: Display Inj./Illness Log Entry CBIH82 SAPLCBIH_IA00 EHS: Change Inc./Acc.

values CFC6 RCIFLOGC Configuration of CIF Application Lo CFC9 RCIFAPS2 Target-System-Ind. CJC2 RKPORSSET Maintain Planned Status Changes CJEA RCNCO082 Call Hierarchy Report CJEB RKDBAT02 Background Processing; Hier. Type CJEK RCNCCP10 Copy Interfaces/Reports CJEM SAPMKCB9 Project Reports: Test Monitor CJEN PS_RPSCO_REBUILReconstruct: Summarized Proj.

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