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This is partly because organized, institutionalized sexual adventures are easier to achieve with money and leisure time, which Witt is characteristically aware of, in her discussion of Bay Area utopianism: It was not a tenable ideology, was in fact totally ungrounded in any wider reality, but for a number of reasons hyperbolic optimism could actually be pondered in the highly specific time and place of San Francisco ...among a group of young educated people with high standards of living.Superficially, Future Sex resembles Robin Rinaldi’s The Wild Oats Project: A woman, uneasy about her age and romantic life, goes on a mission of carnal experimentation in San Francisco.

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But this outlook is a useful prophylactic against the boosterism that surrounds her, as she goes in search of “a model of sexuality better suited to the present, to its freedoms, to its honesty.” Her admirable commitment to firsthand reporting has her undertaking movie-set tours of panda-costumed gangbangs, experimenting with webcam hookups and online dating, and doing whip-its at a Google employee’s sex party.

Playing the role of tourist or amateur, she picks up unusual details from the sidelines.

As much as the future of sex is defined by changes in attitudes, lifestyle, and language, it’s equally defined by the attempts to repress all this.

But perhaps it’s wrong to fault a book for omitting what it never tried to include.

The brain is the most powerful sex organ, the cliché goes.

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