Validating cluster resource sql server

This is the single most common complaint I hear about failover clustering.

This view stems from the pre-Windows Server 2008 days of high availability when creating a cluster was a fear-inducing procedure that required many pages of wizard input and huge amounts of configuration detail.

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Also, there's a validation stage as part of the cluster creation that checks your hardware and configurations.

Assuming validation passes (which is likely, as long as your nodes are running the same processor architecture, version of Windows, and so on), your cluster is supported by Microsoft, with no need to check a Microsoft Hardware Certification List for your cluster or server hardware. Any time you need to make a change, there are wizards to guide you through the modification.

As usual, a warning: If you do not understand these tasks and their possible ramifications, seek help from someone that does before you continue.

If it is difficult to destroy the cluster as it requires the VMs to be removed from the cluster temporarily, you can try this method.

In many ways, failover clustering has suffered from an image problem.

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