Validating rapid micro methods

Alternatively, please copy and past the following address into your web browser: This comprehensive article discusses the concepts of statistics and hypothesis testing, including: Next we, dive into equivalence and non-inferiority tests, which we believe is the preferred strategy for demonstrating a rapid method is as good as and/or no worse than the existing microbiological method you wish to replace.

The article specifies how to select lower and upper equivalence levels and also provides case studies on how to utilize these statistical tools.

He has developed extensive return on investment (ROI) models for rapid micro methods and will work with your senior management and finance groups to gain approval for RMM implementation. Miller provides an in-depth understanding of FDA and EMEA regulatory expectations for RMM validation and implementation, and can act as your liaison when meeting with regulatory agencies and competent authorities.

Working directly with RMM innovators, start-up companies and global RMM suppliers, Dr.

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