Van gogh painting dating may 1889

Armed with topographic maps, aerial photographs, weather records, and letters written by van Gogh, the researchers were able to pinpoint the timing of the scene.

van gogh painting dating may 1889-49van gogh painting dating may 1889-4

[David Gibbs, London and New York, sold 19 October 1961 to]; [Marlborough Fine Art, Ltd., London, sold 12 November 1961 to]; Norton Simon, gift 1976 to; Norton Simon Art Foundation.

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Throughout 2003, as special events commemorate the 150th anniversary of van Gogh's birth, there will also be an astronomical anniversary.

Because of a cosmic synchronicity, the calendar dates of lunar phases in 2003 nearly repeat those of 1889.

“ Fortunately, the timeframe can be narrowed down significantly,” explained Donald Olson.

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