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The tu form usually sounds the same as the je form because the final 's' of the verb is silent: j'aime, tu aimes, j'écoute, tu écoutes.China's premier Xi Jinping intensely dislikes Kim Jong-un but is willing to tolerate the despot in the name of stability on the Korean peninsula, a former US ambassador to China has claimed.

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The Peabody Award-winning series created by Chris Chibnall concluded in April on the UK’s ITV with a critically acclaimed run that scored an average 10.7M consolidated viewers.

Executive Producer Jane Featherstone says, “There is a bold, new crime story, which forces us to ask whether the town has a crack running through it caused by Danny Latimer’s death; is this new crime somehow the long-term legacy of that dark moment?

One other benefit to having a BBC account is that you can link a child's profile with your own for parental controls.

How to talk about yourself Je suis célibataire Je suis plutôt énergique et sportive J'aime aller au cinéma To say what you like in French, use j'aime.

It doesn't require all of your personal details, just your date of birth, email address, gender and a password to use when you sign in each time.

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