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Just like other Decompressing toys, bucky balls office toys can be deformed and distorted, so that you can release emotions.What makes magnetic balls cube superior to other desktop toys is that magnetic balls cube is composed by 216 independent magnetic balls, you can separate the cool buckyballs desktop toy, and combined them into different shapes.(Written for the April Fool’s Day crackfic contest.) | Coldpost.

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It doesn't have a traditionally structured narrative arc, and is instead intended as a snapshot of a day in the life of an underappreciated job position.

Throw in some self-loathing and seasonal depression and you've got the full picture. SCP-2738 is, in my opinion, my "first SCP." I'm a tale person due to the way I process narratives, and thus, my other two skips were a -J and a tale-ish format screw.

Stress relief is one of the functions of buckyballs desk toy.

Stress relief effect of the magnetic ball cube is based on its construct.

Love and Relative Dimensions in Fate is literally about Clef sticking a reality anchor in the Doctor's ass, and somehow it still continues to get upvotes(??? seems to think it’s the Tenth Doctor, but I wrote it as the Eleventh (because bowties); however, I’m actually not even a Whovian in the first place, and I know next-to-nothing about the DW universe/canon, so whatever.

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