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So monumental was this achievement, it was a moot point whether Merritt could follow it up.However, five sparkling new Magnetic Fields songs on the forthcoming soundtrack to the film Pieces of April suggest the point isn't moot at all.Sound: 13 Songs: 19 Gigs: 13 Style: 3 Attitude: 7 Total: 55 Stephen Merrit 33.

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Foo Fighters It's rare to follow up the experience of being in a band as influential as Nirvana by forming a new outfit that is arguably superior, but Dave Grohl managed it.

At first viewed as a pallid imitation of the band that Cobain built, merely copying Nirvana's loud-soft stop-start formula, the Foos gradually began to reveal their strengths, notably a gift for spectacular pop hooks and a mastery of cranked-up riffs.

Marilyn Manson Brian Warner is not the cultural iconoclast he once was.

His role as the US right's bête noire was first snatched by Eminem, then rendered obsolete by world events.

They'll have a job topping 1997's The Colour and the Shape, though.

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