Who is fantasia dating now

So all attempts were made to prevent that from happening.

When Paula and Antwaun Cook went to court in 2010 to have a judge determine their official separation date, it is was widely claimed that he and Fantasia lied so that Paula wouldn't have grounds to sue Fanny.

"Today, Kendall is determined to win souls who are lost or who lack direction.

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Why would Fanny & 'Twaun try to cover up their cheating?

Because in the state of North Carolina, a wife has the right to sue a mistress.

I just think she is a dummy that got fooled and used by a no good 2 timer.typical low self esteem woman..... you will save YOURSELF a lot of grief and heartache...... I'm not saying that what she did was right, it was very wrong.

I keep telling these girls if he treated his wife badly he will do the same to you..... But in life we all make mistakes that we aren't proud of.

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