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She is, in fact, Liverpudlian by birth, born in Mossley Hill to a housewife and a construction worker. Cattrall emigrated to British Columbia as an infant but maintained a loving relationship with her Scally roots. Wherever I am I feel part of what’s going on, but also outside of what’s going on.

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Kim Cattrall boyfriend is 64 years old American photographer Clifford Ross.

They have been dating for 5 years since April 2012.

We’ll always have New York, but Kim Cattrall has gone light years beyond ‘Sex and the City’ with her acclaimed new series, ‘Sensitive Skin’.

The actor/producer attended a screening of two episodes at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival.

Tellingly, a second series has already been commissioned. But I feel at home there.” Her Canadian upbringing, meanwhile, could not have been further removed from her current profession. Wanting to be an actress was like wanting to be an astronaut. Preminger said she reminded him of Marilyn Monroe, “because she couldn’t act”. “I felt very confident that this was what I wanted to do, but of course I didn’t have a clue who I was.

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