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And the launch of “Star Trek: Discovery” has been accompanied by plenty of early press suggesting that we were in for a whole new take on boldly going where no one has gone before — a take that might prove darker than previous installments.And, no lie, introducing a major character like Captain Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) and then seeing her brutally murdered by a Klingon is a strong indication of that. Hanh Nguyen, Senior Editor: Honestly, it didn’t, which in itself surprised me since I haven’t been following the development of the show that closely.

Yeoh really defied the usual typecasting here and blew me away.

Can we have a prequel about Georgiou as a web series, please?

I would love to see her on a regular basis on my TV.

As for why some fans would be upset, well, it’s the case when anyone is built up and then killed off in service to another person’s story, right?

Read More: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Theme Song First Listen: Watch a 60-Piece Orchestra Bring the Music to Life Liz Shannon Miller: YES to the Georgiou prequel series. And I think that’s a good point, regarding the fact that Georgiou was largely killed in service to another character’s story — a fate met by all too many people of color on television.

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