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Of course, when we first started dating, I think we both wanted to remain autonomous in our own careers and not fuse in that way.

She’s been a huge inspiration for me to jump into this new sphere of taking a hold of [my] craft and not only writing a song that feels like [my] direct expression into art, it’s also hearing my voice within the sounds, and within the reverbs within the mixing, and it’s really neat to have learned that from her, to see this example of somebody that is just so brilliantly independent. So when we started writing “Hang Out With You,” it was when I was still with my whole team and they were just like, “Mary, we haven’t heard a hit yet,” and I was getting really frustrated because all I wanted to do was hang out with Michelle. We wrote it together, she produced it, and it’s been such a joy to collaborate with her in that way because she’s such a talented writer but she’s also my partner.

S., how would you say attitudes toward LGBTQ people and issues have evolved in the music industry? I do want to commend the rapid acceptance of LGBT people within the artistic communities, but I don’t know—I feel like people have always accepted artists to be queer, people have always expected artists to be strange or to have different identities or non-normalized identities.

I think if anything, we’re getting to a point where we’re realizing that we can only invent so many boxes and that the boxes are really helpful for some people that are aching for communities in some way—I personally enjoy the boxes.

I’m making this EP at the same time that I’m making the album [] at the same time I’m making my collection of poetry, so there’s a lot of different ideas floating around all at the same time.

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