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I can't say there are any cons to what I have experienced.In terms of biomarkers: I've always had low blood pressure which hasn't changed from before raw to after raw.I have been doing at least 30 deep breaths every day for about 6 years now and I discovered one day after doing 100% raw-food for a few years, that I was suddenly a diaphragm breather--I had such a tough time with chest breathing and the problem just one day disappeared.

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So things are definitely changing in the right direction.

A: The structure and function of humanity's teeth, digestive canal, sense organs, nourishment for the young, children's development, sexual desire, mental set, emotional feelings, as well as the cause and cure of disease and unhappiness all demonstrate that humans are biologically frugivorous (an eater of fruits and vegetables) and are neither carnivorous, herbivorous, nor omnivorous.

I co-founded the group three years ago with my partners Stephen Arlin and RC Dini.

Our goal is to bring The Raw-Food Diet to a mass audience.

My body temperature is about 1.8 degrees lower than it used to be! I really agree with Joe Alexander when he mentions in his book Blatant Raw-Foodist Propaganda that the lungs and digestive organs work in a tandem sort of way.

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