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[Sindragosa1337]: lets say hyp0theticaly, youd slaught3r3d somewhere in the neighborh00d of... 1,200 dwarves[Killzone’jaeden]: Been there.[Sindragosa1337]: and it was m3ssy[the Lich King]: Done that.[Sindragosa1337]: and now j00 cannot get t3h blood off ur talons[Sindragosa1337]: r3commend a cleaning pr0duct for this hypothetical situation pl0x[Killzone’jaeden]: Dwarf blood is notoriously difficult to remove. Vinegar will have NO EFFECT[Killzone’jaeden]: See I DECEIVED YOU[Killzone’jaeden]: Cuz I'm THE DECEIVER[Killzone’jaeden]: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha[Killzone’jaeden]: *sigh* I have never known true intimacy.[Sindragosa1337]: hey are j00 still cross-dress1ng these days?

I recommend soaking in vinegar.[Sindragosa1337]: o rly? [Killzone’jaeden]: Oh you know it.[Sindragosa1337]: w4nt to borrow my l1pst1ck?

[the Lich King]: Something that isn't made out of ice that I then have to literally sit on? [the Lich King]: No, it is _not_ okay.[the Lich King]: I have skulls.[the Lich King]: On my _kneecaps_.[Kel’Thuz4d]: well for the thermostat i think u need approval from a supervisor[Kel’Thuz4d]: ill just get kiljaeden in here and well sort it out[the Lich King]: No! Like old times.***User "Killzone'jaeden" has entered the chat.***[Killzone’jaeden]: This had better be important.[Kel’Thuz4d]: yeah lich king here just wants a warmer throne room is all[Killzone’jaeden]: Warmer?

[the Lich King]: Someone dropped the ball there.[Kel’Thuz4d]: ok so like what should it be then[Kel’Thuz4d]: like a ring? [the Lich King]: Seriously, a ring.[the Lich King]: Do you _read_ history? [Kel’Thuz4d]: no its cool[the Lich King]: No, don't...[the Lich King]: Ugh, my old boss. [the Lich King]: No it's really not necessary sir[Killzone’jaeden]: You want a warmer throne room?

The topic was raised recently on the forums by a concerned father who had cancelled his son's account after reading the obscene public chat in the inn (via Wo

A Blizzard rep responded that the game operator did actively police offensive behaviour in public chat channels and via unsolicited in-game messages - although it leaves consensual private messages and party chat alone.

We're going to hold off on the decimation for, like, a week or so.[Kel’Thuz4d]: ok? How much trouble do you think it would be to have a thermostat installed in the Throne Room? [the Lich King]: It's really really cold in here.[the Lich King]: I'm Lord of the Scourge. Literally a block of ice.[the Lich King]: It is so very, very cold.[the Lich King]: I actually cannot over-emphasize how cold I am on a daily basis.[Kel’Thuz4d]: but its supposed to be frozen[Kel’Thuz4d]: its the source of ur power[the Lich King]: About that.

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