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Flory’s Flame, an evening celebrating Jagoda, Saturday, January 31, p.m., Northern Virginia JCC, features the documentary screening, an appearance by Jagoda and a tasting of Sephardic cuisine.

premium, adults, No Va JCC members, seniors (65 ) and under 30.

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And Jagoda couldn’t recall her past and share her story without expressing her absolute love of her adopted country, the United States.

“I fell in love with this country,” she said, when she came over as a war bride to Harry Jagoda, who died just 11 months ago. Without this country I would not have survived.” And now, Flory Jagoda’s songs and music will survive, too, along with her legacy and that of so many Sephardic Jews, dating back centuries, for it is told in Flory’s Flame.

At Rabbi Maury Kellman’s weekly Orthodox conversion class on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the students are a mix of seekers, gentiles in relationships with Jews and one-time Reform or Conservative converts seeking Orthodox conversion.

(Uriel Heilman) Attitude toward conversions performed by other denominations: Not good enough.

During five centuries of wandering, much was lost, but much, too, was preserved: the Ladino language – a rich admixture of Judeo-Spanish that preserves ancient Castilian and is often said to sound Shakespearean for modern Spanish speakers.

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