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I have killed all 4 survivors twices, once by knocking them off the roof at the No Mercy finale, and then by just beating them to death. Why did it not give it to me, and what do I have to do. ~~Garrett You need to at least incapacitate all four Survivors; killing them is, needless to say, fairly difficult. -Yeah, I got it on the Train Station level of Blood Harvest. Ran up, hit it again and got a third survivor (and somehow killed the 2 previously incapacitated). I smacked the car and hit 3 of them, and smacked car again and incapped the 4th, still didnt give me achievement. ~~Garrett I got the achievement at the top of No Mercy Level 4.I got it recently on Blood Harvest after incapacitating everyone, myself. The tank spawned just as the survivors got out of the elevator, and I was it.I waited for them to come around the corner, and hit the forklift at them.

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I've won coutless verses matchs on crash couse and still don't have smash hit so just keep trying.--Undeadshark , November 7, 2009 (UTC) Yeah, Crash Course doesn't seem to like me.

I've gotten a number of achievements without them counting, like Slippery Pull or Smash Hit.

There was no noticable effect on the gameplay after "catching a rare strain of infection" like the achievement said, and I didn't pass it on to anyone, because noone was nearby.

I'd like to know what the trigger is, if anyone figures it out.

—.110 , July 2, 2010 (UTC) I got Akimbo Assassin while using grenades, and they didn't count against the achievement.

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