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The process of creating a Silverlight web resource that includes form or context dependencies is as follows: When you want to show a Silverlight web resource outside of an entity form, for example in the application main frame by editing the Site Map, you must provide a webpage (HTML) web resource to act as the host for the Silverlight web resource.Silverlight web resources that do not rely on contextual data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be debugged in Microsoft Visual Studio.Silverlight web resources are easily created using the web resource form by entering a name, a display name, selecting Silverlight (XAP) as the type, and uploading the file.

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I was sure to check the Supported Resolutions as I knew I'd need those later. It's an upgraded OS but 99% of the code will be shared. Actual Width to be correct.) I have a VERY specific custom Image Cropping control that needed special handling for the 720p case, likely due to my lack of skill with XAML.

However, enough stuff has changed that I decided to make a branch in source control rather than make a single build. I am told that only the most edgy of edge cases need to do this and often this is in the creation of pixel-perfect lock screens so you probably won't sweat it at all.

However, because Silverlight web resources typically provide some interaction with contextual data in Microsoft Dynamics 365, you should plan how you create your web resources.

When you use the Preview button in the web resources form or just browse to the URL provided, the Silverlight application is hosted in a generic HTML page without context information.

This will ensure that poorly constructed caching functionality of webbrowsers and proxy servers doesn’t incorrectly use old, wrong builds of the XAP file. Furthermore a check is performed to avoid XAP file path alteration during debugging, this is to allow debugging tools such as Silverlight Spy to continue functioning.

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