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He did say, however, that live chat might be useful in certain cases – like customer development for startups or to break down barriers in complex purchases. Software Advice did a study on demographics and live chat and found that: Note that Software Advice’s sample size was small (346 surveyed online) and may not be representative of the population as a whole.

Still, it’s interested to see the reasons people reported preferring live chat.

I’ll explain why the above two strategies are important below, but you can see that if an agent is overwhelmed with a ton of chats, it’s harder to respond quickly and longer, higher quality chats are disincentivized.

The effectiveness of live chat as a medium, then, depends on the industry you’re in.

Keeping that in mind, even if you’re in an industry when live chat generally works, it’s still all about execution.

Here’s a quote from the Zendesk report: “If you can’t get back to a customer in 30 seconds, you’re probably handling too many chats.

That takes a new agent from four chats down to one, and experienced agents from six or seven down to two or three, and a super agent from ten or twelve down to four.

A live chat is only as good as the agent behind it.

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