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Since it is a streaming model, the memory requirements are not very demanding.

However, you don't have the navigation flexibility and the read/write capabilities that would be available from a DOM-based model. One of the biggest differences, however, is that while SAX is a push type of model (that is, it pushes data out to the application, and the developer has to be ready to accept it), the has a pull model, where data is pulled in to the application requesting it.

The other feature is the validation of an xml file with a schema. Therefore, one has to learn two diverse syntaxes; one for XML and the other for DTDs. The major flaw with the DTD world surfaces during the creation of new data types.

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You can then react to the error in any way you see fit. First we will add an XDR (XM- Data Reduced) schema namespace to our namespace.

This collection holds pre-loaded XSD and XDR schemas.

There are two prominent features of the XML Schema world.

One of the features is the creation of an xsd file, which provides a succinct description of a Data Set.

This allows for very fast validation, especially if you need to validate several documents, since the schema will not have to be reloaded on each validation.

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