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BAT file (like Windows) that you may not want to run EVERY time.This is easier than maintaining multiple configuration files.

Several options are available for specifying data to be extracted. Possible uses of LMOD, from the docs: Syntax: LMOD options string_with_tokens Options: /Ln[-m] line [range] to select (default: first non blank line) /L[n]* all lines [starting n] /E include empty input lines (default: no output) /S.

delimiters for word extraction, instead of default (,;=) /B.

These programs do have basic limitations and reading the docs is suggested before converting a more complex batch file. This program will launch any specified program (EXE, COM, or BAT) after a countdown of a specified number of seconds.

is less well known but includes documentation of limitations of compiling batch files. The countdown may be aborted and the program launched immediately by pressing the ENTER key.

unrated [added 1999-07-07, updated 2005-04-10] Functionally similar to DOSKEY, holds commands in memory for quick operation: "Rambat is an interesting utility that stores all your small batch files in one file, and then puts them all in your ramdisk as single batch files." The purpose of the program is to reclaim wasted disk space allocated to (usually) tiny batch files.

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