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, first began broadcasting in 1980 with the announcement, “Ladies and gentlemen, good evening and welcome to multicultural television.” Since then, SBS has continued its mission to provide Australia with multicultural television by showing foreign-language programming from around the world as well as Australian-made shows that reflect Australia’s cultural diversity.This makes it a fairly unique television station, and so it is fitting that it features a character as unique as Layla, as representation of gays and lesbians from the Middle East has been very limited, particularly in popular culture.

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"I never really thought about doing musical theatre professionally, but then I never really thought of doing anything else.

It wasn't until I was older and working in the industry, having down-time and wondering what else I'd be good at.

Kick's producer and co-writer Adam Bowen makes a more blunt assessment of Miki, calling her "an arts f---up".

Like Miki, Ventoura has a Greek heritage, sings and dances and has the kind of striking good looks that help one go places in the acting trade. "Zoe is a very hardworking and experienced actress," says Bowen, "a real trouper, fantastic discipline in that way that you would say to hoofers, 'learn these five dances and come back at three this afternoon', and they've got it.

Layla later goes back to the gym to seek out Jackie and meets her in the showers, where Jackie flirts with her and asks for her phone number.

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